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Is your business getting the most out of available data? Then you have a reason to get in touch with us! We have certified Data Engineers who can help you to build and maintain your organization’s data pipelines, so that you can get the most out of available data to take better business decisions. We offer quality services of Azure development in Brisbane, where we deliver high-quality services to build and manage applications on Microsoft Azure, delivering unparalleled flexibility and reliability.


Define the problems and challenges for cloud migration, cloud Advisory services aim at establishing a solid foundation for your cloud initiative.


We offer a SaaS, IaaS, PaaS application development solution that suits your business functionalities with subscription, roles & Access compatibility.


Technology Cue takes care of end to end development from back-end, front-end, infrastructure and support with excellence in designing cloud architecture.


Our Microsoft Azure team helps businesses in upgrading their legacy applications for the modernization of current on premise applications.


Our Microsoft Azure developers create the cloud based application that includes Azure development, AWS implementation, Google Cloud and even migration.


Agile your .Net application by developing cloud based application to trigger the market with enhanced efficiency and cost effective.


Get access to the expert team for the enhancement with the absolute maintenance and constant support of your cloud application.


Move from data from one platform to Windows Azure cloud based server to leverage cloud application infrastructure and migrate legacy applications.


We extend data beyond firewalls to partners, customers and remote employees, facilitating supply chain, logistics, B2B data and media collaboration.

Nowadays, every IT department in the world is looking for a modern platform where developers can write partially or fully functional applications remotely with the freedom to choose any development tool. And that’s exactly what we provide!

Our highly skilled certified Azure developers have designed and created Azure architecture for several industries, making it possible to build smart applications for the Microsoft Azure platform, including web or mobile apps, SaaS solutions, and custom cloud applications. With our services, you can get expert consulting on business intelligence, remote applications, data and file storage, search indexes, virtual machines, and the latest features.

Understanding the end to end Microsoft Azure architectural process is very important. You might want to understand below main 16 Azure architecture components and how it ties together from architectural standpoint as shown below. Specially how it relates to data source connectivity, data security, infrastructure as code, azure administration, DevOps CI/CD, billing and cost management which will help pioneer in your Azure journey.

Modern Azure Environment example for Small and Medium Business

Below example demonstrates various methods for small and medium-sized businesses to update outdated data storage systems and utilizing big data tools and features without stretching their current budgets and skill levels. These comprehensive Azure data warehousing solutions seamlessly integrate with tools such as Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics, and other Microsoft technologies.

Small and medium-sized business (SMB) data warehouses may comprise various data types, including:

  • Unstructured data, such as word documents, images and graphics.
  • Semi-structured data, including logs, CSVs, JSON, PDF and XML files.
  • Structured relational data, which encompasses databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL databases that uses extract-transform-load/extract-load-transform (ETL/ELT) activities.

We can also provide assistance in designing and developing a solution that outlines a contemporary data architecture utilizing Azure Databricks. This platform seamlessly integrates with other services such as Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Power BI.

Azure platform

With our Azure Mobile Application Development service, you can leverage our expertise to build enterprise mobile applications in Microsoft Azure. We create an independent platform, move enterprise on-premise data to the cloud, and make it accessible on a mobile device without any enterprise security issues.

Our Azure Web Application Development team will modernize legacy web applications used in any framework and deploy them into the cloud, helping your business grow. And with our Migration Services to Microsoft Azure, you can reduce downtime, focus on data security while executing on-premise data on an Azure cloud-based server, and automate the migration process with our experienced Azure developers.

Azure platform
At Azure Development in Brisbane, we also offer NET Migration Solutions, NET CMS Services, and SaaS-based Solutions to secure data, boost customer engagement, and improve your analytics and BI operational efficiency. With our quick build of organized applications, you can select the languages of your choice, tools, and frameworks with attractive purchase options.

The benefits of Microsoft Azure cloud applications are endless. With flexibility in reaching new markets, the ability to respond to customer needs for multiple application development tools, automated service management, and global datacenter presence, you can focus on competitive differentiators to reach new markets faster. With the ability to choose where and how to manage, deploy, and store data, you can focus on business challenges and customer needs. And with 24/7 reliable support, cloud power never runs out, and you can integrate public cloud applications with the existing IT environment.

Technology Cue, being AZURE Development or Cloud Application Development Company renders end-to-end cloud first application development for creating cloud based application development fueled with latest front end implementation and creative designs. You can get in touch with us for all your Azure development Brisbane needs and we will never let you down.


Some of the services that we can offer include


  • .Net Product Development, Maintenance & Support
  • Re-engineering Legacy Application with .Net
  • Custom .Net Development Services
  • .Net Desktop Application Development
  • CRM Development & CMS Development
  • ERP development Solutions
  • ASP.Net Core Application Development
  • Portals & .Net Web Application Development
  • SaaS based Application Development
  • Human Resources Management System
  • Competitive Intelligence Tools & Dashboards
  • Integration with SAP for data management