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Mihir Shah
Founder of Technology Cue

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    Data Management Dashboard using DAMA

    This dashboard leverages the DAMA framework to provide a holistic view of data management practices, ensuring effective governance, quality, and compliance across all data assets. 

    BI Health Metrics

    The BI Health Metrics Toolkit helps discover, monitor, and improve your BI environment by providing key metrics on performance, usage, and reliability, enabling proactive issue resolution and optimization.

    Essential Eight for Power BI Toolkit

    The Essential Eight for Power BI Toolkit helps to align your practices with ACSC’s cybersecurity strategies, covering application whitelisting, patch management, and user application hardening for enhanced security.

    Power BI Self Service Starter Pack

    Streamline your Power BI adoption with essential tools and training, including backing up workspaces, data governance compliance report, BI development standards and best practices and customizable report templates.

    Power BI Self Service Professional Pack

    Enhance your Power BI capabilities with advanced deployment pipelines, comprehensive backup systems, detailed data governance, custom dashboards, and in-depth user training and support.

    Power BI Compliance and Audit Monitoring

    This toolkit assists with compliance regulations like the Information Act, GDPR, and HIPAA by monitoring user activities, data access, and report sharing, addressing the need for archiving Power BI audit logs beyond the default period to meet long-term requirements.

    BI Development Standards and Best Practices

    This toolkit establishes standardized guidelines and best practices for BI development, promoting consistency, quality, and efficiency in your BI projects.

    Power BI Refresh Heatmap

    This tool visualizes refresh schedules and performance, helping optimize and manage Power BI report refreshes for improved efficiency and reliability.

    Data Profiling and Data Quality

    This toolkit assesses and enhances data quality through profiling, ensuring accurate, reliable, and consistent data for better decision-making in your SQL Server environment.

    Data Catalogue

    This tool creates an organized inventory of your data assets, enabling easy discovery, understanding, and management of data by default across your Power BI services and SQL Server.

    Identifying PII Data from Power BI Reports

    This tool helps identify and protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within Power BI reports, ensuring data privacy and compliance with regulations.

    Report Catalogue

    This tool maintains a centralized repository of all Power BI reports, facilitating easy access, management, and governance of reporting assets.

    Report Maintenance Toolkit

    This toolkit streamlines the maintenance of Power BI reports, ensuring they remain up-to-date, accurate, and helps with compliance with organizational standards.

    Data Leak Prevention Toolkit

    This toolkit prevents data leaks in Power BI reports with measures like access controls, sensitive data discovery, and workspace permission monitoring to safeguard information.

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