Power BI Health Check: Unlock your Data Potential

Our Power BI Health Check is a meticulous examination of your Power BI implementation, reports, security, and datasets to identify areas for improvement, optimize performance, and ensure your analytics solution aligns with your data governance and business goals.

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Empower your data and analytics governance strategy with real insights by obtaining a one-time snapshot of your Power BI environment. Assess your Power BI implementation to ensure it aligns with best practices, delivering optimal reporting and analytics capabilities to meet your business needs.

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Gain the following benefits from a Power BI Health Check:

• Evaluate the current state of your BI environment.
• Uncover Data Security and Protection measures needed.
• Assess User Adoption and Licensing status.
• Identify unused reports and potential for repository clean-up.
• Understand user activity and most frequently used reports.
• Discover opportunities for license optimization based on usage.
• Explore the advantages of a comprehensive report catalogue with metadata and related objects.

We offer a complimentary, one-time basic health check for your Power BI environment. This assessment provides you with valuable insights into the current state of your setup and highlights potential areas for improvement. If you require a more comprehensive health check, we can customize it according to your specific needs.