Data Analytics Health Check in Australia

Data Analytics Health Check in Brisbane, Australia

Plan for tomorrow by assessing where you are today

Our Data Analytics Health Check will provide an in-depth evaluation of various factors within your organisation that could be impacting the quality of your analytics.
We review not only where you are today, but also map out where you’d like to go, and provide a plan for how to get there.

Get more than what you already know

As part of our Data Analytics Health Check process you will receive full assessment documentation, detailed requirements and a roadmap that ensures your analytics solutions will drive successful outcomes.
With thorough analysis of source systems and requirements, our analytics assessment will provide a robust foundation to build your first implementation phase.

Our analytics assessment will provide practical advice that you can use to improve your performance, whatever industry you are in.

How a typical assessment works:

Kick off meeting:  We’ll discuss overall objectives and request existing documentation so we can gain a comprehensive overview of the situation.

On-site meeting:  Our consultants spend time on-site interviewing key stakeholders, reviewing existing data source systems, gathering intel on business and technical requirements and identifying the desired future state.

Summary of findings:  We compile all information and complete an assessment of your current environment. We then design a proposed future state taking into account your future vision and recommendations based on requirements collected.

Recommendations:  We outline potential paths to achieve your desired future state, including recommendations on how to improve and make the most of your current systems. Assessment details include recommendations on architecture, technology and tools, processes and governance.

Roadmap:  We’ll outline a ‘Roadmap for Success’ that lays out a customised path to achieving real business value from your data.

Estimate: We provide estimates for Phase 1 implementation. Once we’ve identified the path to success, the next step is to develop agile methodology to deliver value quickly.