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Achieve more with human-centered artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can deliver results to your business today, including improving customer experiences, augmenting your workforce and automating repetitive processes. But industry hype will have you believe that AI can solve nearly all your business problems. The truth is, most of the immediate benefits from AI will be task focused and lack the contextual awareness and flexible learning that humans have.

Which is why we focus on human-centered AI to help you achieve more. You can gain better understanding and interpretation of the data, apply reasoning and engage in a more natural way. The importance of the human element is not lost on businesses. Our recent research found that 85% of senior-level business and IT decision-makers agreed that in the future, companies must be able to manage both humans and machines in order to successfully deploy AI.

The right approach to realise AI benefits

Artificial intelligence is a collection of advanced technologies that allow machines to sense, comprehend and act. To succeed with AI you need:

  • Talent: There is a war for AI talent, so you need to rotate your people and leverage your partners and their ecosystems.
  • Data: The fundamentals of AI and the ability to become smarter with machine learning reside in your data.
  • Models and knowledge: You need an advanced analytics engine and library of automation process models, prebuilt calculations and algorithms.
  • Technology: Computing platforms are key for intelligent APIs, machine learning and automation in order to make AI more accessible.

Our AI solutions help you address your business challenges

Embrace intelligence in all its forms to solve business challenges: Service customers in new ways, personalise experiences, make the most of your supply chain and more. Our AI solutions address both industry and cross-industry business issues. We’ve helped clients realise the following results with AI.

Intelligent Customer Engagement

20% to 30% cost reduction and 30% to 50% productivity gain through automation, personalisation and intervention

Intelligent Revenue Growth

1% to 3% brand uplift through predictive marketing, personalisation and recommendations

Intelligent Supply Chain

50% to 70% productivity improvement and 99% reduction in errors across manufacturing, logistics, distribution and warehouse

Intelligent Patient Services

3% to 5% topline growth and 40% to 50% productivity gain through automation, rapid insights and targeted intervention

Intelligent Asset Management

20% to 30% operational savings and 50% to 75% reduction in downtime through predictive and pre-emptive asset management

Intelligent Fraud and Investigation

Resource optimisation to meet regulatory requirements and intercept Azure Machine Learning (AML)/fraud

Intelligent Automation Finance and Accounting

20% to 40% client cost savings through automation of financial planning, reporting, audit, invoicing, accounts receivable/accounts payable

It takes tech too

We also bring the technical capabilities needed to deliver the human-centered AI experience for your organisation. These include: Microsoft Data Platform, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, Power BI and Azure IoT Edge.

Benefit from our AI expertise

We work with clients to help them gain the full value of human-centered AI. Our expertise includes:

  • 400 AI practitioners
  • 300 cognitive service experts
  • 1,000 data engineers
  • 4,200 business excellence and automation experts
  • 6,000 automations to date for 350 clients
  • 3,500 analytics professionals
  • 550 analytics systems enterprise clients