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We focus on establishing centralized Data Governance structure, which is essential for collaborative ownership of data involving various business units and IT within the organization as well as external users or data providers.

Outsourcing Partner

The practice of outsourcing has grown in popularity as a way for organizations to meet…

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Database Support and Development

Providing support for database related services including designing..

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Power Platform Support and Development

Providing design, develop, secure, and troubleshoot Power Platform solutions..

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Data Infrastructure Support and Development

Providing support to any of your Data…

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Cyber Security

For internet-connected systems, including their hardware, software, and data, cyber security refers to the protection against…

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Data Analytics and Enterprise Reporting

Our AaaS puts the power of data in the hands of everyone so they can….

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Power BI Administration and Data Governance Support

Data governance ensures..

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Middlewear Integrations

Middleware is often known as integration middleware because its primary function is integration….

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Sharepoint Support and Development

We have experienced team who have hands on experience of each versions of SharePoint……

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Data Analytics Health Check

Our Data Analytics Health Check will provide an in-depth evaluation of various factors within your….

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Data Migration

When a new system is introduced or the data needs to be stored in a new location, data migration is required. Therefore….

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User Experience and User Interference

UX design team will help to shape the entire experience of a user while they interact…

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Microsoft BI Services

Our BI Services will help any organization to transform their data into intelligent, easy-to-understand…

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Data and Analytics As A Service

Our Analytics Managed Services accelerate the implementation and adoption of…

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Azure Cloud Migration

Azure gives you access to business-class hardware online. You can spend more on your company by reducing…

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Microsoft Azure Services

Technology Cue, being AZURE Development or Cloud Application Development Company renders…

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Data Engineering

This is the process involved in the creation of large-scale systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing enormous…

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Dynamics 365

A new cloud-based enterprise software platform called Dynamics 365 brings together Power BI reporting…

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Data Science

Among the services we offer at Technology Cue is data science which works with vast amounts of data using cutting-edge…

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Data Visualization

We recognize today’s data challenges and opportunities. Our experts approach them from…

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Some of the services that we can offer include


  • SSRS, SSIS, SSAS Development Services
  • BI integration with Cloud and Web Apps
  • Rapid, cost-effective services for business intelligence consulting
  • BI consultants developers and architects
  • Big data Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • BI Development for Analytical Dashboards
  • Power BI Consulting, Development & Implementation Services
  • Custom Power BI Development Services
  • Power BI Integration Services
  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Consolidation Dashboards from different data sources