Health Analytics Brisbane

Hospital and Healthcare Quality Indicators


  • Customized Healthcare Analytics dashboards allow users to create and modify reports to tell a story of what is happening in their healthcare environment.
  • Getting data from financial, operational, and other business areas into a central platform for analytical reports.
  • Interactive dashboards present real-time data which allows you to oversee divisions, risk levels, types of treatments, average wait times, doctor statistics, satisfaction, scorecards, and much more.
  • Data automation – as new data is added to your database, it is automatically reflected in real-time in your data visualizations
  • Data storage options to suit your organisational requirements
  • Different Power BI subscription license options


High Quality Reporting

Make better informed decisions: leading to saving costs and increased operational efficiency

Flexible Reporting Scope

Publish and share data and reports with managers or clinics to provide them with insights for their specific decision-making requirements

Automated Data Refresh

Keeps your dashboards up to date consistently to save time and resources

Choose Where to Transfer your Data

Store your data on Power BI, on your cloud, database, or on-premise server depending on your organisation’s data security policies

Integrated Platform

Our solution enables data from different data sources to be displayed on a single reporting platform

Watch a Live Demo of our Healthcare Analytics Solution in action below

  • Outpatient Registrations
  • Patient Billing
  • Pharmacy Reports
  • Hospital Financial Accounting
  • And many more…

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