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Secure Your Data, Empower Your Business In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, safeguarding your organization’s data and applications is not just necessary—it’s imperative. The Data Leak Prevention toolkit integrates seamlessly into your Power BI systems, providing a robust shield against cyber threats, ensuring compliance, and maintaining operational integrity.

Facing Data Security Challenges Head-On Every organization faces the threat of data leaks, data breaches, unauthorized access, and compliance penalties. These risks can compromise customer trust and incur significant financial losses. Traditional security measures often fall short in the dynamic landscape of digital data and applications.

A Tailored Monitoring Solution

The Data Leak Prevention Toolkit is an essential resource for organizations using Power BI, designed to effectively identify, mitigate, and respond to potential data leaks and data breaches. This customized toolkit proves invaluable for spotting potential problem areas that could lead to internal leaks and data breaches within a Power BI environment. These reports can provide insights into unusual activities, access patterns, and integrity issues that might indicate a breach or a vulnerability that could lead to one. The Data Leak Prevention toolkit offers a comprehensive solution designed specifically for Power BI environments. By focusing on proactive security practices, this dashboard helps prevent security incidents before they happen.

Proven Impact, Trusted by Industry Leaders

  • 1. Application Control: Only approved components are used, preventing the integration of potentially harmful software.
  • 2. Patch Management: Helps you to discover, if Power BI related components are on their latest versions.
  • 3. Restrictive Access Controls: Ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data, minimizing insider threats.

Real-World Success “Within the first three months of deploying Data Leak prevention toolkit, a leading healthcare provider saw a 70% reduction in unauthorized data access attempts, transforming their security posture and reinforcing their commitment to patient data protection.”

Comprehensive Monitoring

Real-time insights into application and user activity.

Automated Updates

Automatic patching and updates to ensure the highest level of security.

Customizable Controls

Adapt settings to meet your organization’s specific security needs.

User Education

Resources and training to enhance awareness and understanding of security protocols among your team.

Below are some of the tailored Data Leak Prevention toolkit reports that can help with Data leak and data breach detection and helping to reduce Risk in your Power BI environment. In addition, this toolkit can be customised based on client requirements. Some of the sample reports include as below:

Report Type Purpose
Sensitive Data Discovery Identifies and classifies sensitive data within Power BI to ensure it is adequately protected.
Application Control Details which applications can interact with Power BI to prevent unauthorized software use.
Patch Applications Reports on the status of application updates and patches, ensuring all components are secure.
Monitoring Data Activities Logs data access and manipulation activities to quickly spot potential unauthorized actions.
Monitoring User Activities Tracks user actions to identify unusual or unauthorized activities that might indicate vulnerability.
Monitoring DataSources Focuses on data source connections and their security status to prevent risks.
Restrict Administrative Privileges Manages administrative access to ensure tight control and monitoring.
Workspace Access Control Details who has access to various workspaces within Power BI to prevent unauthorized access.
Disable Inactive Report Identifies and manages inactive or unused reports that may still access sensitive data.
Review Whitelisted Power BI Datasources Ensures that only safe and approved data sources are used for data operations.

1. Monitoring User Activities

  • Purpose: Tracks user interactions within Power BI to identify unusual or unauthorized activities, which are critical early indicators of potential security breaches.
  • Details: This report would log all user activities, such as login times, access to sensitive data, and actions performed within the platform.

2. Monitoring Data Activities

  • Purpose: Observes all data manipulation activities, including data entry, updates, and extraction, to detect unauthorized access or alterations which might suggest a breach.
  • Details: It provides a comprehensive log of data-related activities, helping to quickly identify operations that deviate from normal patterns.

3. Sensitive Data Discovery

  • Purpose: Identifies and classifies sensitive information within Power BI environments to ensure that such data is adequately protected and monitored.
  • Details: This report would help in pinpointing the locations and types of sensitive data, facilitating focused monitoring and rapid response to any incidents involving these data sets.

4. Review Un-Authorised Datasources

  • Purpose: Checks for connections to unauthorized data sources which could be an entry point for malicious activities or data exfiltration.
  • Details: The report flags any data sources that have not been whitelisted or that exhibit suspicious characteristics, necessitating further investigation.

5. User Applications Hardening

  • Purpose: Assesses the security configurations of applications integrated with Power BI, ensuring they are hardened against exploitation.
  • Details: It reviews the security settings and patches of connected applications, highlighting vulnerabilities that need addressing to prevent breaches.

6. Review Authorised Power BI Visual

  • Purpose: Monitors the use and configuration of authorized Power BI visuals, ensuring they do not inadvertently expose data or provide attack vectors.
  • Details: This report would audit all deployed visuals for compliance with security best practices, identifying any that might pose a risk.

7. Patch Applications

  • Purpose: Ensures that all applications related to Power BI are up-to-date with the latest security patches to mitigate vulnerabilities.
  • Details: It tracks patch levels and updates of software components, alerting to any lapses that could be exploited by cyber threats.

8. Workspace Access Control

  • Purpose: Manages and monitors who has access to various workspaces within Power BI, ensuring that all access is legitimate and conforms to security policies.
  • Details: This report controls access permissions and reviews them regularly to prevent unauthorized access which could lead to data breaches.

9. Disable Data source

  • Purpose: Identifies and disables unused or non-compliant data sources that could serve as potential breach points.
  • Details: The report helps in deactivating any data sources that are no longer in use or do not meet security standards, reducing the attack surface.

10. Restrict Administrative Privileges

  • Purpose: Details the assignment and usage of administrative privileges, focusing on minimizing these privileges to reduce risks of internal threats and breaches.
  • Details: It ensures that administrative rights are granted only as necessary and are closely monitored, with all administrative actions logged and reviewed.

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